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Cross country, across cultures.

How Speaking Too Many Languages Is Limiting

I know, by saying this - that speaking too many languages is limiting- I probably go against years and hours and sweat tears of very dubious as well as very serious research that say the contrary. As [...] Continue reading

Empathy, Culture and the Words You Use

In the many scales that exist about characterizing one's personality, be it Myers Briggs or Process Com, i inevitably fall under the "empathic" or "feeling" type. I guess no matter [...] Continue reading

Of intended puns and other language barriers

I've just read a very true blogpost about how humour just does not cross borders very well. Borders of language, but mostly, intercultural boders. I guess we're all shaped by whatever environment we [...] Continue reading

Madame und Monsieur kann man auf Deutsch nicht ansprechen

Ich stand in der Schlange vom Supermarkt, und eine Frau hat versucht, Zigaretten aus dem Automat zu holen. Sie hat bei alle Kassen probiert, und irgendwie keine Zigaretten bekommen (gut für die [...] Continue reading

Of Language and Thought: Gender Awareness

In an article titled "Does Your Language Shape How You Think?", Guy Deutscher tackles how our mother tongue may or may not shape our thoughts. The state of research as he presents it shows [...] Continue reading

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