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Cross country, across cultures.

How Speaking Too Many Languages Is Limiting

I know, by saying this - that speaking too many languages is limiting- I probably go against years and hours and sweat tears of very dubious as well as very serious research that say the contrary. As [...] Continue reading

Of Language and Thought: Gender Awareness

In an article titled "Does Your Language Shape How You Think?", Guy Deutscher tackles how our mother tongue may or may not shape our thoughts. The state of research as he presents it shows [...] Continue reading

Why the Accent Is so Important

You may know, or may not know, that we just had a son. He's now almost 7 weeks old and we took him to Wikimania in Poland. For that purpose, we had a passport made. You may remember, or may not [...] Continue reading

Faute de grammaire, on mange de la dessert

J'ai toujours eu l'impression, à tort ou à raison, que le français jouissait d'une place particulière en Allemagne. Pas seulement en Allemagne d'ailleurs, un peu partout dans le monde. Du coup, il est [...] Continue reading

Animals Too Speak Foreign Languages

Seriously. They do. There is something fantastic about bringing up a child in two languages, it is that you discover things about your own languages that you never really thought about. When a child [...] Continue reading

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