Ceci n'est pas une endive

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Cross country, across cultures.

Animals Too Speak Foreign Languages

Seriously. They do. There is something fantastic about bringing up a child in two languages, it is that you discover things about your own languages that you never really thought about. When a child [...] Continue reading

A Dance With Death

I spent three days in Alexandria, Egypt two weeks ago. It was my first time in Egypt. And since my quick stop in Naples a few years ago, the first time I thought my life was really in danger by *just* [...] Continue reading

The Toilet in the Bathroom

We've just moved appartments. Apart from the fact that we now have double the surface, there is one very important thing to me, French woman, in this new appartment, and that is the toilet. In [...] Continue reading

Shifting Standards and the Center of The World

I have been working on an international survey in the past few days, which is being answered by 11 teams of 11 different countries. And one thing really struck me in the way answers were given to [...] Continue reading

Holy shit! The Church got me.

Or where cultural differences have legal roots. This afternoon, my accountant calls me to tell me that the tax office has finally finished reviewing my tax declaration. And then she asks me this very [...] Continue reading