Ceci n'est pas une endive

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Cross country, across cultures.

Empathy, Culture and the Words You Use

In the many scales that exist about characterizing one's personality, be it Myers Briggs or Process Com, i inevitably fall under the "empathic" or "feeling" type. I guess no matter [...] Continue reading

What Is Your Single Story?

A few weeks ago, I watched a fantastic talk by Chimamanda Adichie about "The Danger of A Single Story". The talk is a year old, but the message is ageless. It made me think about what my [...] Continue reading

Quand la pub joue avec les stéréotypes culturels

Cet après-midi, en buvant mon café, j'ai feuilleté le dernier numéro de Géo sur l'Islande. Comme souvent quand je lis un magazine, je me suis arrêtée sur certaines pubs et notamment sur une publicité [...] Continue reading

Stereotypes Are Not Always a Bad Thing

Anyone who has never seen in their mind's eye the chauvinistic Frenchman running around with his béret and his baguette (and the occasional stinky camembert and bottle of red wine) when they thought [...] Continue reading

She's not Swiss-Swiss

I came across a tweet by Rashunda today (and if you don't know Rashunda, run to her blog, it's very smart and witty) which rang a bell. I wrote a few days ago about our Culture Comfort Zone and [...] Continue reading