Ceci n'est pas une endive

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Cross country, across cultures.

Die quadratische Quiche

Also, dieses Blogpost sollte: meine Schulden bei den Ironblogger Berlin irgendwie ein Bißchen runter halten der Start einer neuen Serie von Blogposts auf Deutsch sein. Ja, auf Deutsch. Ich bin mir [...] Continue reading

What Is Your Single Story?

A few weeks ago, I watched a fantastic talk by Chimamanda Adichie about "The Danger of A Single Story". The talk is a year old, but the message is ageless. It made me think about what my [...] Continue reading

Job Hunting: How Culturally Unconventional Can You Be?

I've always wondered if I could find a job in Germany. Not so much because of my competence or lack thereof, but rather about whether I could, or couldn't, conform to the German way of answering a job [...] Continue reading

Quand la pub joue avec les stéréotypes culturels

Cet après-midi, en buvant mon café, j'ai feuilleté le dernier numéro de Géo sur l'Islande. Comme souvent quand je lis un magazine, je me suis arrêtée sur certaines pubs et notamment sur une publicité [...] Continue reading

Distance to Power, Somewhere in the Middle

One of the book that sits on my night stand in the pile "to read" is a book by Geert Hofstede, called Cultures and Organizations, Intercultural Coorperation and its Importance for Survival. [...] Continue reading