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Cross country, across cultures.

What Is Your Single Story?

A few weeks ago, I watched a fantastic talk by Chimamanda Adichie about "The Danger of A Single Story". The talk is a year old, but the message is ageless. It made me think about what my [...] Continue reading

Culture Comfort Zone

I've just read this post at interculturaltalk.org and it reminded me of something that has bothered me for the longest time. For as long as I can remember, I've always felt some kind of guilt pang to [...] Continue reading

My Very First Culture Shock

I remember one of my first culture shocks very vividly. I probably had others before, but this one was the start of a long series, and most importantly the first I actually recalled over time. I [...] Continue reading

I Am Not One of Them

Via Olivier, in Ici & Ailleurs, I discovered La lanterne brisée some time ago. And the first post I read was one called Regards, which means Looks (as in gaze, not as in what you look like). I [...] Continue reading

Distance to Power, Somewhere in the Middle

One of the book that sits on my night stand in the pile "to read" is a book by Geert Hofstede, called Cultures and Organizations, Intercultural Coorperation and its Importance for Survival. [...] Continue reading

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