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Cross country, across cultures.

Animals Too Speak Foreign Languages

Seriously. They do. There is something fantastic about bringing up a child in two languages, it is that you discover things about your own languages that you never really thought about. When a child [...] Continue reading

Which Language Says it Best?

A few days ago, I wrote about the extended meaning of words, and how some words in a language we learn take on a wider meaning because we have an approaching word in our own language. This made me [...] Continue reading

Pourquoi les français ne parlent pas de langues étrangères

Il y a de cela quelques mois, j'ai commis un billet tentant d'expliquer pourquoi les français ne parlent pas de langues étrangères. Ma théorie est que le français est une langue qui supporte [...] Continue reading

The Extended Meanings of Words

I was in Bordeaux a week ago, talking with a friend of mine, who loves lists. She makes lists about different funny things, but one that struck me, and which I might actually start on my own, was her [...] Continue reading

I don't spreche Deutsch, merci beaucoup

Well, actually, I do speak German, but I hate it (If I dared, I'd write the hate bold in font size 40 and with four exclamation marks) when a website speaks to me in German. I mean, my language [...] Continue reading

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