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Cross country, across cultures.

September 2008

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Culture Comfort Zone

I've just read this post at interculturaltalk.org and it reminded me of something that has bothered me for the longest time. For as long as I can remember, I've always felt some kind of guilt pang to see someone in the street and that the Continue reading Culture Comfort Zone

everyday life

Lack of Words Sinked Ship

I came across a Reuters story about Henry the VIII's ship the Mary Rose while browsing Intercultural Communication and Translation News. The idea that a ship could sink because the crew could not understand the orders that would have saved Continue reading Lack of Words Sinked Ship


Immigrant, the Golden Side

Following a comment on a previous post, I ended up on this blog. It's a cool blog, too bad it's dormant. I browsed through and read this post, a personal experience about this serious and interesting subject that is selective immigration Continue reading Immigrant, the Golden Side

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I don't spreche Deutsch, merci beaucoup

Well, actually, I do speak German, but I hate it (If I dared, I'd write the hate bold in font size 40 and with four exclamation marks) when a website speaks to me in German. I mean, my language preferences are clear in Firefox, there's even Continue reading I don't spreche Deutsch, merci beaucoup


She's not Swiss-Swiss

I came across a tweet by Rashunda today (and if you don't know Rashunda, run to her blog, it's very smart and witty) which rang a bell. I wrote a few days ago about our Culture Comfort Zone and Rashunda's words awoke more thought about this Continue reading She's not Swiss-Swiss

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