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Cross country, across cultures.

Why the French Don't Speak Any Other Language

Now here is a commonplace. I believe I have heard this a million times. The French are terrible, they won't ever speak to you in English or any other language and if you address them in English, [...] Continue reading

I don't spreche Deutsch, merci beaucoup

Well, actually, I do speak German, but I hate it (If I dared, I'd write the hate bold in font size 40 and with four exclamation marks) when a website speaks to me in German. I mean, my language [...] Continue reading

Lack of Words Sinked Ship

I came across a Reuters story about Henry the VIII's ship the Mary Rose while browsing Intercultural Communication and Translation News. The idea that a ship could sink because the crew could not [...] Continue reading

Addressing an International Audience

Last Friday, I attended the Going Solo conference in Lausanne, a one-day conference for freelancers. I was very impressed with the quality of the speakers and of course, I tried and observed the [...] Continue reading

The language before the language

I am still reading the book about bilingualism and before I write a more detailled review about it, I wanted to share my last experiences in terms of communication and languages. As you may know, or [...] Continue reading

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