Ceci n'est pas une endive

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Cross country, across cultures.

My Very First Culture Shock

I remember one of my first culture shocks very vividly. I probably had others before, but this one was the start of a long series, and most importantly the first I actually recalled over time. I [...] Continue reading

Choosing a Name: The First Name

I never got around to telling the story of our daughter's name. It is, indeed, one heck of a story, which starts even before she was born. You have to remember that she has a German father and a [...] Continue reading

The Credit Card Hell

I have already tackled one of the aspects that sometimes makes me think that Germany is a backwards country. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's an OK backwards country, but there are a few things that [...] Continue reading

The Toilet in the Bathroom

We've just moved appartments. Apart from the fact that we now have double the surface, there is one very important thing to me, French woman, in this new appartment, and that is the toilet. In [...] Continue reading

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