Ceci n'est pas une endive

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Cross country, across cultures.

I Am More French Here Than in France

While skimming through it again, this note in Nancy Adler's book hit me with a few thoughts. Executives are more national abroad than they would be at home. I am always wondering what it is to be [...] Continue reading

Choosing a Name: The First Name

I never got around to telling the story of our daughter's name. It is, indeed, one heck of a story, which starts even before she was born. You have to remember that she has a German father and a [...] Continue reading

About "Ceci n'est pas une endive"

This blog has been turning in my head for quite a long time, actually ever since I gave a presentation at Wikimania last year in Taipei, about cultural differences. The name is a funky one, but has a [...] Continue reading