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Cross country, across cultures.

Addressing an International Audience

Last Friday, I attended the Going Solo conference in Lausanne, a one-day conference for freelancers. I was very impressed with the quality of the speakers and of course, I tried and observed the cultural bias/questions/issues that came up. Continue reading Addressing an International Audience


A Dance With Death

I spent three days in Alexandria, Egypt two weeks ago. It was my first time in Egypt. And since my quick stop in Naples a few years ago, the first time I thought my life was really in danger by *just* crossing the street. As a matter of Continue reading A Dance With Death

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Music to a Dance With Death

Back to Alexandria, Egypt. So you've got the dance, but you also have the music, and the lighting. Unless you're the Mime Marceau (and probably some dancers I don't know), you need the music to dance to, and in order for your audience to Continue reading Music to a Dance With Death

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