Now that is a question I was asked twice last week-end. People who heard me speaking French to my 6-month old daughter asked me how come I spoke so good French.

I am not sure what to think about the question, really. The proud side of me that loved to think that I am good at languages really appreciated the fact that anyone could, after speaking to me in German, think that I was German. The side of me that's French and proud to be didn't really like the fact that anyone could think that I was German.

Dilemma, if any. So many "expatriates" have a hard time knowing where they are really from, I guess it's a legitimate personal concern. But I am pretty sure I am French. And even surer I am not German. So the question really should be: Why is your German good enough that we could mistake you for a German?. Not that it is. But I like to think so. Sometimes.